"My Silky Dream" - this was the name of the inaugural fashion show of the young Kraków designer, Dominika Zasada.


On 14th October 2010 in Kraków’s Steel Magnolias, Dominika presented a collection inspired by the dreams of women. "Many of us have wanted the experience of a beautiful, made to measure dress, however, often this dress remains only a dream. Through this collection I want to give women

a chance for a little luxury and the possibility of realizing their dreams" says Dominika.

(article from uroda.com)

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As the name suggests, the dresses from this collection are made of silk. This noble material is not only a source of delicate comfort, but also uniquely hugs a woman’s body. The collection is dedicated to all women who want to feel beautiful. Today’s women are very demanding and that is why Dominika’s creations are made of high quality fabric so that they are not only comfortable, but are perfectly matched to the contours of each client.


Dominika is guided by the principle, "that each project is created by getting to know the client, and selecting the style, colour and fabric, which reflects her soul. My goal is to highlight all that is beautiful in a woman." Dominika’s creations are available to be ordered individually via the website.


Styling for the show was the work of Oskar Bachoń, who previously collaborated with many fashion magazines and also worked on numerous film productions. Oskar also counts a handful of celebrities as his clients.